Aurora – Imperial Knight - The Ace Of Spades
HOLOGRAM – 19:25, December 26, 2013 (UTC)
"I'm Aurora, a Jedi Knight." She shook your hand.
Aurora de LaRousse
Vital statistics
Position Imperial Knight
Age 24
Status Alive and Well
Physical attributes
Height 5'3 ft
Weight 71kg


Aurora really shows her teenage tendencies and her almost reckless boldness when she fights. She loves to taunt her enemies while fighting them, just to show she can multitask and still own them at the same time. Outside of the battlefield, she goes right from being outgoing to somewhat withdrawn, except when she's around the Jedi, her 'family.'


Aurora was born to a rich Jedi family, and until the age of nine her childhood was practically normal, unconcerned about most things. But when her parents died in a crash, she had the choice of going with her maternal family to Alderaan, or to be taken under the wing of the Jedi, a decision priorly undertaken by the council upon her father's demise.

She chose the Jedi, because her pre-training in many martial arts might prove useful.

Whilst with the Jedi she continued to self train using a computer programme, whilst beginning to learn about the force, and by the age of eleven beginning to learn more and more. She is fully aware of the force, and is trained in many martial arts like Pankration.

She has much to teach newer Jedi because of her young age when joining.