Bacca Lo Macca
Lightsaber Combat Instructor at The Sith Arts Academy

Bacca Lo Macca
Darth Dentrest
Gender Male
Age 324 Years Old
Species Wookiee
Family Lo Macca's
Status Alive
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Brown
Height 2.3 Meters
Affiliation Sith Order
Home Kashyyyk
Friends/Allies Sith Members
Enemies Darth Sidious, Jedi


Bacca Lo Macca was born on Kashyyyk and raised by his parents. He lived a normal life as a wookie, but when he turned 4, he was sent to Coruscant to be a Jedi like his father. He was trained by his father in the ways of the force. His father became friends with a Sith known as Darth Plagueis and that was soon discovered by the Jedi High Council. He was put on trial and found guilty, being banished from the Jedi Order and thrown in prison. Due to harsh times, the Senate voted to execute the Jedi traitor. Bacca Lo Macca was furious. He went on a mission for the Jedi Council, and was never seen again by the Jedi. From there, he met up with Darth Plagueis, and completed his training, this time in the ways of the Dark Side. He went to the planet Thule after a few years of training with Darth Plagueis and attended The Sith Arts Academy, becoming close with the Headmaster, Drevveka Hoctu. Drevveka asked Bacca Lo Macca to join the school staff as a teacher once he graduated. Though he wanted to explore the world and learn more, he agreed and replaced an old Sith as Lightsaber Combat Master. In 32 BBY, Bacca Lo Macca learned of Darth Plagueis's death by his own apprentice. He took a short-term leave from the academy to hunt down the assassin. He learned that it was a Sith named Darth Sidious, and attempted to assassinate this young Sith. His many attempts were all fails, and he eventually lost track of Darth Sidious. He continues to keep an eye out, but has since taken his place back at the School.


Bacca Lo Macca is much like Master Yoda. He has been around for so long, and has seen the Galaxy go through many changes. Bacca Lo Macca is "one" with the force, using both Light and Dark sides in combat. He is a skilled lightsaber duelist, but is also strong in the force. He is often found meditating or quietly resting.


  • Alliegance: Sith Order
  • Profession: Sith Teacher at The Sith Arts Academy
  • Rank: Sith Master
  • Home World: Kashyyyk
  • Weapon: Red Lightsaber (Bacca Lo Maccca still has his Blue Lightsaber from when he was a Jedi)

Bacca Lo Macca
Bacca Lo Macca – Sith Master - Lightsaber Combat Instructor at The Sith Arts Academy
HOLOGRAM – {{{time}}}
*Master Lo Macca would sit in his chambers at the Academy, meditating. He had recently been thinking a lot about his father.