All Admins in the User Assistance Department need to look over this information when dealing with claiming forums!!!

When claiming, you need to look for:

~Does anything on the forum violate the Policies?
~Does anything on this forum go against canon or LucasArts Star Wars Story line?
~Is this a realistic character?
~Can the User handel this character?

If all seems to be in shape, you can go on to claiming them. What you do is:

~You start by deleting the category, Unclaimed.
~You then add a new category using this coding: [ [Category:Claimed] ] (without spaces)
~Next you copy and paste the congratulations Template on to the page followed by your signature!
[ [File:Accepted.jpg] ]

If anything violates the things in bold, you should post a warning on the page, letting the user know that they should fix it if they want to keep the character. If it is a serious issue, talk to a B-Crat or Admin, if B-Crats aren't around.