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65 ABY

Sixty One Standard years have passed since the Rebel Alliance defeated the Empire, and restored peace to the Republic. Now the Galaxy thrives and the Republic is at peace. The Jedi, keepers of the peace and protectors of the relam are at power once again, and training young padawans at Miles Militis. The government is working hard to maintain peace and a fair democracy. But how long can peace last? The Sith Order plot to take over once again, and are training students of their own at The Sith Arts Academy. Where will your character stand in the Star Wars Universe? 


This Wiki is a Role-Playing universe for all Star Wars  fans. It has been designed to allow Users to create their own characters and see how they would live and what would happen to them in the Star Wars Universe.  Feel free to RP anywhere on the wiki, and let any of the administration know if you need help with something.  PLease read our Policies and be sure to follow all rules. But most of all, enjoy!


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