Guhoo Armstrong
Jedi Histor Professor at Miles Militis

Jedi Knight
Gender Male
Species Human
Family Armstrongs
Status Alive
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Height 6'1"
Affiliation Miles Militis, Jedi Order

Jedi Temple

Friends/Allies Republic, Jedi
Enemies Sith, Bount Hunters


Guhoo was born on 42 ABY on the planet Corellia. Him and his twin sister, Juno Armstrong both discovered their force abilities at a young age. When he was 7, he was take to Coruscant and introduced to the Jedi Temple. Coruscant was huge compared to the small village he grew up in. His parents kept in touch with him, but weren't able to see him. When he was 8 he started school at Miles Militis. Overtime, Guhoo became more and more independent. He learned how to get by on his own, without the need of others. When he graduated the school, he became the apprentice of Clashmek Rookersaw. Rookersaw was a very well respected Jedi, and was on the Jedi High Council. Guhoo was honored to learn from him. Guhoo soon became a Jedi Knight, and began taking on assignments of his own. In 62 ABY, Guhoo got the pleasure of going on another assignment with his old master. Bounty Hunters were raiding villages on Mandalore, and they were sent to check it out. There the two Jedi got into a rough engagement with the Bounty Hunters, and Claskmek was killed. His last words to Guhoo were: "Seek no vengeance, boy. Help train more Jedi, like I trained you." Guhoo completed the assignment there on Mandalore, and returned to the Jedi Temple. There he returned to Miles Militis and became the Jedi History teacher, as well as the head of Libertas House.


Guhoo is a calm and simple person. He is friendly, funny, and very stubborn. He is terrible at working with people, and prefers solo assignments, rather than team assignments. He is very independent, and likes to do things on his own, without the input of others.


  • Guhoo's model is young George Clooney.
  • Gohoo is a teacher at Miles Militis
  • Guhoo is a Jedi Knight
  • Guhoo has never had an apprentice, and nor does he want one.
  • Guhoo is the head of Libertas House.