Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 11
Status Injured
Physical attributes
Height 3.7
Weight 89
Juliet – Padawan to Master Daw- sister of Sam
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Juliet smiles, "Hi!"


She was born when Sam was being a Jedi and all, she didn't experience what Sam did. Her parent's where much kinder to her. But with a price, she was casted out, by her drunk mother. Her mother was a Sith (used to be Jedi) person, while her father began hating her and evually dicorved the drunken Sith women. She was arrested and brought to jail by her older sister, it was kind of pay-back for what Anya did to them.

Form the moment Anya Grace Richards was arrested, the family's life became much better. Not alot of fighting or angry any more. But one day, she found her sister with a man. She always thought of Sam as a gay person, beucase of the way she dressed and acted. She grew supesction, but she soon found it was a Bounty hunter loyal to the Jedi's. She still didn't fully trust him though, for some reason.

She is curretly a Padawan to her sister's old master, due to Sam's behavior issue's


Juliet is sweet, maybe to sweet for Sam becuase it drives her nuts when she acts like a "Poper Young Lady". But also Juliet is poliet and but she is young, and maybe too care-free. She is unlike her older sister, Sam, but she is stubborn when she wants to be. She is also brave, very brave and certanily loyal. She doens't really like hanging out with her older sister, but she does anyways. Sam is... well too aggressive and mean to hang out with.