Miles Militis

Miles Militis

About the SchoolEdit

This is a school that teaches you in the ways of jedi.

History of the SchoolEdit

The school was created by Madam Jalato to train young children to become powerful jedi in the future.


Jedi History - Guhoo Armstrong

Force Combat - Arielle Igneous

Nurse - Gracelyn Maier

Lightsaber Combat - Angelica Gallegos

Force History - Gracelyn Maier

Droid Building (3rd years and up) - Hester Evans

The Ways of Survival - Bertram Metz

Head of Indoles - Arielle Igneous

Head of Ferox - Will be Aimee Lee in the future

Head of Libertas - Guhoo Armstrong

Head of Probitas - Angelica Gallegos

Head of Penicullus - Bertram Metz

(may be added to)

Years and HousesEdit

1st to 6th Year from age 8 to age 13. (You are considered an adult when you are 13 and are given your own Jedi knight to train you to become a jedi knight.)

Indoles - House of the high achievers 

Penicullus - House of the creative artists

Ferox - House of the hasty headstrong jedi

Libertas - House of the non attention seekers (independence)

Probitas - House of the honest jedi