Rohnan Thuku
Jedi rogue and Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter
Gender Male
Age 17 S.Y.
Species Rodian
Family Thuku
Status Alive
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour -   
Height 1.6 meters
Affiliation Bounty Hunters Guild


Friends/Allies Anyone with money
Enemies Jedi, Galactic Republic


Rohnan was born on the planet Rodia to 2 wealthy Rodian parents. His father, Grappa Thuku was the Rodian Grand Protector, head of the Rodian government, while his mother, Rona Thuku, a senator in the Galactic Senate. Rohnan grew up in some of the largest cities in Rodia, and learned a ton from his mother and father. When Rohnan was 7, two Jedi Knights came to Rodia, and said that he was on their list of Jedi younglings to take to Coruscant to be trained. His parents begged them not to take him. They wanted him to grow up on Rodia, and have little to do with the Republic. But when the choice was put before Rohnan, he chose to become a Jedi. Rohnan went to Coruscant and trained at Miles Militis. When he was 13, he graduated Miles Militis, and got a Jedi Master of his own, Drakan Bootran. Master Bootran was nearly 400 years old. He had lived during the time fo the Empire, and had even fought Darth Vader in a battle. He had helped Luke found the New Jedi Order, and had been a High Council member ever since. Rohnan was thrilled to be his apprentice, and looked up to his master. Master Bootran trained Rohnana well, and by the time Rohnan was 15, Rohnan was a Jedi Knight. Rohnan was sent on a mission about a Standard month after he was made a Jedi Knight. He went with another Jedi, Lochan Odair. While on the mission, Odair and Rohnan went to an abandoned temple. Inside, Odair was killed, and Rohnan taken prisoner. The people that captured him introduced themselves as the Bounty Hunters Guild, and told him how the Jedi Order was corrupt and evil. Overtime, he began to believe it, before he officially became a Bounty Hunter himself.


Rohnan has always been smart, humble, and good with people. Even now that hes a Bounty Hunter for the Bounty Hunters Guild, his personality hasn't changed much.


  • Rohnan's model is a random Rodian.
  • In the eyes of the Jedi, Rohnan was killed like his friend, Odair.
  • Rohnan lives on Rodia, but does most of his work on Coruscant.
  • Rohnan still has his green lightsaber from when he was a Jedi.